Thanks for applying to PLAY at Creation Fest 2018!
All music applications are prayerfully reviewed by a Creation Fest Music Team.
What's your band name?

What's your first and last name?

Thanks for that! How many years have you been playing music? Give us a little bit of your background!

What genre would best describe your musical skills?

Which dates are you available? Our event runs 4-10 August, 2018.

Tell us a bit about your personal faith and how that is reflected in your music?

Most of the bands who play at Creation Fest play for free. We are a FREE outreach Fest with a desire to showcase the best in Christian music and an aim of inviting all to hear the Gospel freely. We offer backline, merch stand, free camping, and marketing/promotion. What would be your expectation financially?

We would love to listen to your music! Please share any links available:




Mobile Number (optional)

Any other thoughts or comments for our leadership team?

THANK YOU! Keep in touch with us at Our leadership team meet 4 times per year to review applications and our first response will be by February 2018.

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