Thanks for applying to SPEAK at Creation Fest 2017!
All speaker applications are prayerfully reviewed by a team of pastoral leaders for Creation Fest.
What's your first and last name?

Thanks for that! Do you represent an organisation, a church, or a ministry?

What topics are you interested in speaking about? Do you have a short description paragraph?

Which dates are you available to share? Our event runs 5-11 August, 2017.

Tell us a bit about your personal faith and how that is reflected in your speaking?

The speakers who share at Creation Fest offer their time for free. We are a FREE outreach Fest with a desire to still highlight the best in biblical teaching. Are you happy to come at your own expense?

We would love to listen to your messages! Please share any links available:

Podcast channel?

Audio or video links to messages?

Personal website/organisation's website?

Any other thoughts or comments for our leadership team?

THANK YOU! Keep in touch with us at You can expect to hear from us by March 2017 for summer sessions.

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