Please complete the following sign-up form to apply to be part of the Creation Fest Scotland 2017 Volunteer Team.
Please note: your application doesn't guarantee a place on the team.

All volunteers must be 16 years or older on 26 August 2017
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All applicants applying to be a volunteer need to provide a referee.  This must be your church leader (minister of religion).
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Rehabilitation of offenders act 1994 (except under 1975)

The nature of the work you are applying for means that you must tell us about any convictions (pending, spent or unspent) and any cautions you have received
Have you been convicted of an offence in any criminal or civil proceedings in any court in any country? *

If yes, please provide details of the nature of the offence(s) and dates

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NB. We may require you to send a copy of your PVG / DBS certificate
Do you have any last comments to the Volunteer Coordinator with regards to your volunteer application and availability?

By clicking the "agree" button you agree / confirm the following:

1) I am available to volunteer the full day 26 August 2017
2) I am available to attend the volunteer training meeting on 25 August 2017 at 6:30PM for 7PM
3) I certify that the information contained in this form is accurate and completed to the best of my knowledge
4) I consider that I have a living faith in Jesus Christ.  I also consent to further checks being made to the relevant authorities if necessary.
5) I declare that I have read and understood the job summary for the team(s) which I am applying for and I agree to adhere to the procedures laid down by Creation Fest.
6) I declare that I have read and understood the Child Protection Policy and I agree to adhere to the procedure laid down by Creation Fest.
7) I agree that as a volunteer my primary commitment is to the team I am selected to serve in.
8) Failure to disclose information which subsequently comes to light could result in you being asked to leave the event site immediately.
9) Data Protection Act: Your name and contact details will be held and used to keep solely by Creation Fest for the purposes of the event
10) I declare that I agree and submit to the Creation Fest statement of faith as outlined on the Creation Fest website.
Thank you for applying to volunteer at Creation Fest Scotland 2017. We will contact you in due course about your application. If you have any questions, please contact us by email:

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